Join the Revolution, become a dotter!

Are you passionate about the transformational power of great communication or helping people help themselves?

If you're also looking for the opportunity to run your own business, or  perhaps further your personal development or career skills, then becoming a qualified DOTTER™ opens up a world of boundless opportunity.

The start place is our DOTS™ in Depth course and the prerequisite for attending this is to have completed a Level 1 DOTS™ course. Once you have satisfactorily completed the DOTS™ in Depth course, you become a fully qualified facilitator which means you can work with one of our licensees delivering courses. You also have the opportunity to become a DOTS™ licensee.

How does it work being a licensee?

With all the benefits of a franchise opportunity and without any of the headaches, a license qualifies you to officially practice as a DOTTER™, fully supported by all the benefits and infrastructure of Life Performance Ltd's knowledge, skills and resources.

We'll be right behind you!

You like the idea of setting up your own business as a DOTTER™ but the prospect is a little daunting. We're here to help.

Life Performance Ltd's unique and robust infrastructure gives you the full support you need to establish and run a successful business in communication and life coaching.

With our backing you'll have a strong foundation of professional support and tried and tested collateral that will enable you to establish and grow an effective and profitable business.

Interested in becoming a licensee? Contact us today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

· Full training on the DOTS product
· All IP required to deliver courses supplied, plus ongoing training and support
· 24/7 phone support


"Communication is the grassroots of everything. It resonates with everyone exposed to it, from all walks of life," explains Amy, who has now worked with an impressive range of people that includes film producers, CEO's, psychologists, teachers, students, parents to even entire communities.

"Adding the DOTS™ model to my business portfolio was a no brainer. Since the first day I was exposed to it my life changed and I am thrilled to be able to transform so many more lives now that I am a licensed DOTTER™. It truly is a revolution and the feedback I receive from my clients is a testimony to David and Pam's passion and dedication to making the lives of many, better."

What you get with a license

Full Event Support

Download updated keynotes on DOTS, full event documents, leaflets, presentation notes and tips.